Nawaz Sharif and Nasir Butt will be arrested in two to three days, claims Tasnim Haider

No evidence available regarding meetings with Nawaz Sharif and Nasir Butt: Tasnim Haider - Photo: File

No evidence available regarding meetings with Nawaz Sharif and Nasir Butt: Tasnim Haider - Photo: File

Tasneem Haider, who has made serious allegations of murder conspiracy against the leadership of the Muslim League (N), has claimed that Nawaz Sharif and Nasir Butt will be arrested in two to three days.

In her interview, Tasneem Haider said that Nawaz Sharif and Nasir Butt gave the responsibility of arranging shooters to remove Imran Khan and Arshad Sharif from the way, I supported the attack on Imran Khan.

Tasnim Haider

He said that there is no evidence available regarding the meetings with Nawaz Sharif and Nasir Butt, my complaint has been taken seriously and the police have said that my testimony will suffice, personal testimony is accepted in this country...

Tasneem Haider said that Nasir Butt had introduced me to Nawaz Sharif as the don of Gujarat, Malik Liaquat, a friend of Punjab Interior Advisor Umar Cheema, was informed about the situation on October 29 and through the party leadership Imran Informed Khan of the danger, Imran Khan said on Malik Liaquat's warning that the matter was left to Allah, they could not do anything.

He further said that Nasir Butt had told him that Waqar and Khurram are "our men" in Kenya and that Arshad Sharif's killer is hiding in Kenya. According to Nasir Butt, one of the shooters who shot at Imran Khan has also reached Kenya. , I understand that Arshad Sharif's phone, laptop, and computer have reached London, have given a half-hour statement to the JIT and explained about the British law, the Kenyan police are too corrupt, and I will not report him.

Tasneem Haider said that Nasir Butt referred to the meeting between Shehbaz Sharif, Nawaz Sharif, and Maryam Nawaz and said that the shooter has to work. Arshad Sharif has videos that should be prevented from being released. Nasir Butt said in a meeting on Eid and after the attack on Imran Khan, Nasir Butt said that Mian Sahib will throw a party soon to salute him.

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 Pakistan Stock Exchange witnessed a mixed trend of business during today's business day.

100 index closed at 42761, 13.29 million shares were traded in the market, and the value of the shares market business was Rs 4.57 billion.

Market capitalization decreased by Rs 3 billion to Rs 6823 billion.

Ogra has reserved its decision on the request for 96% increase in gas price

OGRA has completed the public hearing and reserved the decision on the request of Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) regarding the 96% increase in the average price of gas from July 1 of this financial year.


In Sui Southern's request, the average price of gas has been increased from Rs 692 93 paise to Rs 1360 per member per day.

Sui Southern Gas Company had requested to increase the average price of gas by Rs 667 44 paise from 692 93 paise per unit to Rs 1360 per MMBtu from July 1 of this financial year.

 According to the OGRA spokesperson, all stakeholders including the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Textile Processing Mills were invited to the public hearing held in Karachi.

According to the spokesman, Sui Southern's application showed a deficit of Rs 184 billion 88 crores for the current financial year, which included a deficit of Rs 33 billion 78 crores for the previous financial year.

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In the ongoing COP27 conference to deal with the environmental challenge in Egypt, the draft dealing with the environmental challenge has been rejected by the European Union.

According to the news agency, the disagreements on issues related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at the conference are maintained until the last moment.

At the conference, it has been agreed to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, but there has been no success in ensuring the reduction of gas emissions.

According to the news agency, differences have also emerged on the issue of funding developing countries suffering from environmental disasters, the lack of funds and the loss of funds have been discussed, but the delegates have not yet ratified it.

At the same time, the conditions for determining the rich countries that give money for spreading environmental pollution have not been fixed.

French President Emmanuel Macron says that the proposal to establish a single fund is inappropriate and insufficient, a fund that is established when there is a problem.

In the ongoing environmental conference in Egypt, it has not yet been decided who will govern the fund and who will pay the money?

It should be noted that delegates from nearly 200 countries are participating in the COP27 conference that has been going on for 2 weeks in Egypt.

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